First Gale of Spring

Hi, it’s my turn to write an article for the website, I’m Yukiko in Administration Section.

In spring time, the first gale of spring hits Japan. We call this first gale of spring as “haru-ichiban“, which blows from the south for the first time after a long winter.

When the wind blow, many accident at sea occur because of the storm and disrupt the traffic especially the airlines.

The word “haru-ichiban” literally means “First Spring” come from a wide variety of sources, one of the cue incident that made the word popular was rollover accident at offshore Iki-island in Nagasaki on March 17, 1959.  The strong spring gale capsized the fishing vessel and 53 people died.  From then, fishermen named the strong south wind in this season as “haru-ichiban” = “First Gale of Spring”.

In the middle of such a season, from March 5, GWO Basic Safety Training (5 modules, 6 days course) for Wind Power industry personnel was held.

A scene of Working at Height

A scene of Sea Survival

It was very striking for me that they were all lively throughout whole 6 days training with brilliant smile every day.

They were from my mother’s hometown, so I personally enjoyed topic about good old days of the town.  I truly thank them that I could enjoy the precious time.blush

Many delegates come from different places from all over Japan to NSTC.

Every moment is unique, and treasure every encounter,for it will never recur.  NSTC staff will treasure every encounter and try their best to deliver training that will satisfied

                       (Yukiko, Administration Section )




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