A picture’s worth a thousand words, an experience worth more

A month has been passed since the fiscal year started.  In Japan, new employees who start their jobs in April sometimes lose their sense of purpose in working and feel depressed.  That is called “May depression”, but the word nothing to do with NSTC, as there have been a lots of delegates enjoy the training and many staff keeping their eyes on safety of the training.sparkles

In April, NSTC had STCW Basic Training for three times, more than usual month, as some of the clients send delegates who are freshmen of their companyand let them join the STCW Basic Training as one of their “Newcomer Induction Trainings”.smile

I would like to introduce you some of the comments from those “freshmen” delegates, submitted by the questionnaire upon their completion of the course.

“The training facility was very rich and well-furnished.  As the training consists of both lecture and practical training, it was very comprehensive.  I personally wish I could join much more time on practical training.  Thank you very much.”

From NSTC:  Thank you very much for enjoying our training.  Regarding the practical training, STCW Basic Training consists of rich contents and must cover all materials within IMO Model Course 1.13, 1.19, 1.20 and 1.21, therefore, there are lots of lectures as well as a lots of practical training.  You will contact more time on practical training for the refresher training that you would join again in next five years. We’re looking forward to seeing you again in five years!”blush

“The lecture covered the area that I had taken during the courses at University, but it was the first time that I could experience the practical training and I felt that experience worth more than just seeing.”

From NSTC:  An advertisement poster of Aircrew Ditching Course of NSTC says “An experience worth more than a thousand of words”. helicopter

Not “Seeing is worth more than a thousand of words”, but “Experience is worth more than a thousand of words”.  Your comment just fit this feeling, and it was nice to hear that you indeed experience the feeling.  I am looking forward to seeing you again in the refresher course, soon!” smile


I hope all the freshmen joined training last week would leap forward in each of their own company.

                                                            (Hiroko, Quality Management Section)




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