Unsung hero… Part 2

Having a relentless heat wave for a long time, how are you getting along?

Let’s make one another effort to overcome summer fatigue together!

 NSTC has been conducted many trainings even though during this enormous hot days.  I’d like to highlight and introduce another unsung hero in our training.  Introducing the hero is second time since February this year.

As I had introduced three siblings as a secret contributor, other two raised their hands to claim that they were also unsung heroes.

Can you guess what their job is?

They are CPR training manikins.

On your right is big brother Ichiro, and left is younger brother Jiro.

I have some comments from them thru interview.

 Ichiro:Our job is to devote ourselves to play a role of “patient in cardiac arrest”.  People talk about us as “you’re lucky to get paid without moving”, but in fact, it is not easy task.

 Jiro:No, it’s not.  Let’s imagine yourself being compressed on the chest for 100 – 120times per minute, 5 cm for each time.  It’s painful, but I wouldn’t complain as the delegates are all very earnest and sincere.

 Ichiro:As it is very tough for my body, we talked about changing our job, but we decided to fulfill our mission to the top of our bent.

 Jiro:Oops!! It’s time to work! !

Ichiro:  Roger! Let’s go!

This is one scene from their work.  Great performance as a patient.

 Please applause them when you visit NSTC, as they are one of indispensable staff for our training.

 *Ichiro:I cannot respond to you when I’m on duty, but it’s not because I’m grumpy but because I’m acting my role as a patient.

 Jiro:I’m looking for a girlfriend.  If you can introduce any of your frien, please introduce me!

 (Takashi, Training Operation Section)




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