Autumn is the best season for training

As October 10 was the “Sports Day” in the past, School Sport Festival have been held in autumn. Sport championships and tournament are held in spring and autumn, autumn has been said as “autumn is the best season for sport”. Of course, autumn is said as best season for many things, such as “appetite” as the last article of NSTC’s website, “reading book”, “rich harvest”, “art”, “picnic”… the list goes on and on. Such a sweet autumn is of course best season for training, as well! “Autumn is the best season for training”, I would like to have this word popular among our industry.

There are, indeed, many training are going on at NSTC. Many types of course have been delivered to many types of industries. We are active in information gathering as well as delivering information to the clients. Organizing and arranging the staffing, we send the representatives to the meetings domestically and internationally. One of our staffs went to the Netherlands to participate IASST (International Association for Safety and Survival Training) meeting, and other staff is going to Malaysia for OPITO’s training provider’s meeting in order to discuss to have better training.

The information received by one staff will be handed off to another one, and then the outcome will be changed over to the others. Training staff are always engaged in handing over the baton to one another in the backstage of NSTC just as relay of the sport festival.

We would like to share you some experience of the participants of those meetings if we have a chance in near future.

(Hiroko, Quality Management Section)



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