Looking back on 2018

As end of the year approaching, there had been warm weather in the first half of December, followed by cold winter weather as usual. How are you doing and how was your year 2018? As 2018 is a year of “dog”, NSTC deliver many unscheduled training (training on request) as well as scheduled training favorably.

We have conducted STCW Refresher Course, SPC and ADC/ADE course this week. Firefighting training in outdoor and training in pool have been delivered in this cold wind. Delegates were issued warm clothes in order to counter the freezing wind, water of the pool is heated as well as the training pool facility started heating from early in the morning to heat up. I wish the vibrancy and high-energy of the delegates will also heat the building more!

By the way, NSTC’s hot topic for 2018 is that the lightings for the training facility is replaced from mercury lamp to LED in anticipation of energy-saving.high_brightness

LED Pannel all the lightings in the building
LED Pannel all the lightings in the building

In the Wakamatsu Firefighting Training Facility, we have expanded the training ground so that w would be able to deliver two trainings at the same time.

【Wakamatsu Firefighting Training Facility】

Construction started completed
Construction started completed

Some of the equipment made their debut this year
Liferafts which capacity are 16, 6 and 25.

capacity of 16 6(left) and 25(right)
capacity of 16 6(left) and 25(right)

The first generation of the underwater camera went down in this summer, and been took place by new one, second generation.

second generation camera (won this year’s  “New arrival award”) second generation camera (won this year’s  “New arrival award”)
second generation camera (won this year’s “New arrival award”)

As you have seen, the training environment and equipment are evolving year by year. We will do our best to improve staff’s skill in order to deliver evolved contents of the training. As the year of 2019 will be a year of “boar”, we would like to headlong into the new year and complete successfully. Wishing all of you a prosperous new year.boar

P.S. Wakato Bridge has become toll free since December 1. It is now beautifully light up during nighttime. Lift a toast to Tobata’s nightscape after the training!

(Akira, Training Manager)



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