Training for our betterment

Your company assigned safety training is not only for the work place.

Being the father of 2 children comes with many responsibilities, such as providing for their physical / mental health, education, clothing, etc. One thing that we overlook at many times, pertaining to their physical health, is that accidents happen.

One of the great things that we can take home from our company assigned safety training is the ability to help lessen the chances of these accidents happening and providing care, if they do occur.

My wife and I have been to the hospital for the common bumps and childhood injuries, it is great to know that we have the ability help our children before arrival, for the most comfortable experience possible.

At NSTC, if you are taking any one of our courses, you will find that what you learn for work can be applied to your everyday life.
For example, STCW training has Fire-fighting, First Aid, Sea Survival, and Social Responsibilities.
With fire-fighting, we can train for if fire breaks out in the house and also design a muster plan for our family.
In first-aid, we will practice mending to small cuts and abrasions, how to splint / support arm and leg injuries, etc. for if an accident does occur.
When playing around water, in sea survival we also learn the basics, such as survival floating and the need for flotation devices, especially for non or poor swimmers.
Our Social Responsibilities module looks into accidents and measures on how to prevent them. We can take this information to evaluate our everyday life to better control risks and hazards.

When you take your training at NSTC, remember, it is not only a certificate for your job, it is training for our betterment!

Thank you and hope to see you soon.

(Robert, Training Section)



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