Next fiscal year is approaching

An (official) announcement that the cherry trees are in bloom in Fukuoka has been declared and a genial spring is approaching.  How about your hometown cherry_blossom

Now, in NSTC, as the next fiscal year is approaching, the last week of March is for the meetings and discussion regarding the next fiscal year and the time for inspection and maintenance of training equipment.

Along with the maintenance, we also have done year-end cleaning of our training pool. laughing


Filtrate, chlorine control, waste clean and keep neat and tidy is our daily routine, but some of the small dusts that cannot be filtrate will be removed by the divers who possess the qualification while they thoroughly clean the pool with the diving equipment.


To tell the truth, I’d like to avoid diving in wintertime where possible (lol) sweat_smile


So, in the wintertime, we got a lot of assistance from those two underwater cleaning robots.

They have great suction power and clean large area of the pool.

They move around wide range of the training pool and remove the dusts.

They are very keen and hard worker, sometimes they push themselves so much that their cable entangled on the staging of the pool.  It is very cute to see the action to struggle with tangled cable.  In this case, the divers response to calls for service and rescue them.

Thanks to them, the pool is very clean and neat and ready for the new fiscal year coming.

We are looking forward to seeing those visiting our center in April in this beautiful training pool!blush

(Junichi, Training Section)




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