Dou you know Fully Automatic AED?

Hi, I’m Eri who had written an article about AED gashaponlast year and thenickname “AED geek” has become a common one in the company (may beblush).

An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is a medical device that delivers an electric shock to restore the normal rhythm of the heart when it suddenly loses the ability to beat normally.
Since July 2004, AEDs have been available for use by the public, even by non-medical personnel, and can be found in various places such as public institutions and supermarkets.

Here’s another story about AEDs. Have you heard about the existence of “Fully Automatic AEDs” that have recently started to appear in market?

AEDs in use in Japan generally apply a pad attached to the AED to the skin of a casualty, automatically analyze the electrocardiogram, and if an electric shock is necessary, prompt the use to “press the shock button” and then administer the shock.

In contrast, a Fully Automatic AED automatically administers an electric shock after ECG analysis, with a countdown and buzzer indicating that an electric shock is to be administered.

Approved for sale in Japan in July 2021, several manufacturers are currently marketing these Fully Automatic AEDs.

This AED does not require the rescuer to press a shock button and is designed to reduce the psychological burden of the rescue.
What is different from conventional AEDs is that the Fully Automatic AED does not have an electric shock button and always has this logo sticker attached.

Fully Automatic AED Logo (pic credit: JEITA)

Some products also have an LCD and voice screen that informs the user that “this AED will automatically administer an electric shock” when the power is turned on.

Even if you think it will never happen to you, “no way!” may happen, so I would be glad if you can remember in a corner of your mind that such a thing exists so that you will not be surprised when you encounter and use it.

Eri, Quality Management Section



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