Activities to protect bountiful sea

n October 22, we were invited by Mr. DIVER( organizes events such as underwater cleanups and environmental surveys, to participate in the “4th KUITOMERO (contain the damage) Operation” sponsored by River Museum.

This activity is a part of the SDGs, and canoes, SUPs, boats, underwater robots and divers work together to clean up river debris in the brackish waters of the Murasaki River (Kitakyushu-city). It was NSTC’s first time participation since 2019.

(Photo: Divers entering the water)

 Diver team worked with a diver support robot developed by students from the Kyushu Polytechnic College to clean up underwater debris in the river.

The cleaning activity covered an area of about 300 meters from the floating piers in front of the Main Lawn and the River Museum.  Debris included the collection of empty cans and PET bottles as well as rice cookers, carts, bicycles, mopeds, and other trash of all different sizes!!

(Photo: Diver retrieving a bicycle)

After the clean up, we exchanged opinions with the students who had created the robot, we advised “as it moves fast and has enough buoyancy, it could be used for lifesaving and other applications, not only to support collecting garbage”.  We have high expectations for its future development!!

(Photo: Cleaning Robot and divers)

The participants were a bit bit nervous as high traffic (spectators) near the center of the city and NHK coverage throughout the day, but they worked more briskly than usual.

We hope to have the opportunity to participate again, as it would be a great help to the NSTC staff to make full use of the skills we have developed in the course of our work as volunteers.

We also discussed the possibility of providing training at Murasaki River.

The size of the water area is large enough for 12-15 people to enter the water at the same time.  The average depth of water is 3 meters, the current is weak, and the visibility in the water is moderate (although if you land on the bottom of the water, mud will rise up and the visibility of water will be 0 meter.)

The training be enhanced if we can prepare a rubber boat with an outboard motor.

The possibility to conduct training without worrying about vessel traffic is attractive when compared to the Diving Techniques Training Marine Practical described in our recent article.

Location for lunch break and equipment transportation are to be considered.  We cannot stop ourselves thinking about new training every day!!

(Photo: NSTC divers being towed by SUP at the end of the volunteer activity)


Written by Shotaro, Training Section / Eri, Quality Management Section




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