GWO CEO and GWO Training Centers in Japan gathered in Fukushima

On November 8, Mr. Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO), who is visiting Japan for the Global Offshore Wind Summit to be held in Akita the following day, and representatives of all three GWO Training Centers certified in Japan gathered at the FOM Academy in Fukushima.  The representatives came from as far north as the northern tip of Honshu (mainland Japan) and as far south as Kyushu.  Three of us from our company, the president of Nissui Marine Kogyo, Co., Ltd., COO of NSTC, and myself participated the meeting to exchange information and views with other participants.

In the warmth of the wooden school building, various opinions were exchanged, including forecasts of the trend of WTG engineers in Japan, future prospects and projects of GWO, questions about training standards, what kind of instructors are good instructors, etc.  We hope that this kind of meeting by training centers to exchange information will be held annually in the future in order to improve the quality of GWO training in Japan.

We took a commemorative photo under the autumn sunshine with the autumn leaves shining.maple_leaf

I hope that this kind of wonderful picture will be added to our album every year.

I would like to thank the FOM Academy for kindly proving us the lovely venue for this event. We look forward to welcoming the representatives to Kitakyushu next time!!


(Hiroko, Quality Management Section)




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