Attention to Participants: Admission Refusal! Please be aware!
(If detected by an alcohol checker during the inspection, admission will be refused!!)

As the refreshing May weather brings a sense of summer, I hope everyone is doing well.four_leaf_clover

Here in Kitakyushu, the time is approaching when the warmth tempts us with delicacies like bamboo shoots and spring mountain vegetables to accompany drinks. (Although I can’t consume a drop of alcohol myself, I do enjoy the accompaniments.)

While NSTC offers various training programs, there are occasions where you may be required to participate in training that is beyond your daily life expectations. (Some training exercises can impose a certain level of physical strain as well.)

What is it that I would like to convey? What I want to say is that I kindly request you to refrain from disinfecting your throat with alcohol that can leave alcohol residue in your system on the following day.

If a significant amount of alcohol remains in your system (resulting in a breath alcohol concentration of 0.15mg or higher, which corresponds to drunk driving), admission will be refused. This is an undesirable outcome for both the NSTC staff and all participants.

Before and during the training period, please drink in moderation!! (Please refrain from consuming alcohol to the extent that it cannot be metabolized!) We would be delighted if you could celebrate safely upon returning home.

NSTC conducts training programs safely thanks to the cooperation of all participants.

We kindly ask for your continued cooperation in the future!

(Takashi, Training Section)




May 2023
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