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The sweltering heat wave continues all over Japan, but how is it in your area?  As a resident of Kitakyushu, I say it is hot and sweltering, but I am surprised to hear from the delegates who come from areas with a maximum temperature of 38℃ that “Kitakyushu is cool!”

 Now, I would like to take this opportunity to report the results of the GWO (Global Wind Organisation) questionnaire for the last fiscal year (FY2022).

Last year, 437 delegates joined GWO BST (Basic Safety Training) course and 122 delegates joined refresher course.

 Since the GWO training contents is updated according to the needs of WTG manufacturers, our Sea Survival Training Pool was remodeled at the beginning of last year, and we are striving to provide training that will enable everyone to work on WTG

more safely.  We will continue to provide training with input from GWO and our delegates.

Thankfully, there were zero “NO, not so much, neither” responses to the survey last year, indicating that all respondents felt that the training was good.

Since we do not have opportunity to receive direct feedback, the survey results and comments are an encouragement to us as training staff.

We appreciate all the compliments, but we also look at any suggestions for improvements, and we are working diligently to improve the training quality.  Please understand that there maybe an areas where we are unable to amend to meet your expectations, as we are providing training in accordance with GWO standards and need to comply with the standard.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the comments we received that were impressive and that we can respond to.

 ①  First, we would like to answer the most common comments for improvement.  This is a comment regarding the transportation of heavy items in Manual Handling Module.

Delegate comment:  I would like to experience Kotaro’s weigh at 60kg, which is close to the actual weight.

Staff reply: This comment is in response to the training using rescue dummy in the Manual Handling course on how to carry a person who has fallen and is unconscious, etc.

The dummy (named Kotaro, as a trademark) used in NSTC weighs 30 kg. This is the weight specified in the GWO standard, and it is decided not to train with a heavier weight than this to avoid injury during training. For those who are strong and tough, the weight may feel light, but please imagine that “my colleague (adult male) weighs 2 to 3 times as much as this weight”. No one should ever get injured at training center during the training. It is not my intention to decline your wish to apply more load, but I hope you will learn the basic techniques well in a safe manner.

Photo: Triplets Kotaro (dummy) and delightful staff

②Next, let me introduce you a comment that the delegate actually had after participating in the course.

Delegate comment: Locations where WTGs are installed are often harsh.  In this training, I learned that it is important to always check the image of escape and the location of the device in my head in order to protect myself and protect lives of my colleagues.

 In particular, there were times when I didn’t know what to do in the First Aid simulation inside the nacelle, so it was a valuable experience to feel the atmosphere necessary in practical.

Staff reply:  We are very glad to hear the comment, as GWO training includes not only training for safe operations, but also training for emergency situation.  The First Aid simulation you commented on is one of the most stressful training, even if you know that the training is taking place in a lecture room and that something is going to happen and you have to respond to it.

 It is best if you can finish your daily work without any accidents, but you never know what kind of emergency situation you may encounter at any time, so we hope that you can visualize what you can do on your mind through the training. 

All NSTC staff members will read the questionnaires.  If you make a comment about a hazardous area that we did not notice, we will make sure to check it and try to avoid all the factors that could lead to an accident.

If you join our training, we would appreciate it if you would leave a comment on the questionnaire at the end of the training.  Any compliments would be greatly appreciated!

Quality Management Section, Eri




August 2023
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