We visited the world’s largest self-propelled SEP ship

Hi everyone, this is Eguchi from the training department.

Thanks to the arrangement of Shimizu Corporation, who is taking GWO BST at our center, we had the opportunity to tour the world’s largest self-propelled SEP ship “BLUE WIND” at Muroran Port. 

All I can say after visiting the site is “Amazing!”

First of all, it is large enough to carry up to 130 passengers!

Furthermore, a huge crane for constructing windmills!

All materials for seven 8,000 kW class wind turbines or three 12,000 kW class wind turbines can be installed at once. I was amazed at the scale of BLUE WIND.

BLUE WIND is a ship built last year (2022), so the inside of the ship is sparkling clean.

The bridge was equipped with the latest equipment to the point where I thought, “Is this a spaceship?”

When I visited the ship, it was jacked up and its legs were touching the bottom of the ocean. There was no rocking that is typical of ships, and I was able to experience for myself the stability required to construct a windmill offshore.


BLUE WIND is already being used in the construction of offshore wind turbines in Japan, including off the coast of Nyuzen in Toyama Prefecture and off Ishikari in Hokkaido.

From Kitakyushu, we would like to support the ship’s continued success both domestically and internationally!

During the tour, we were able to learn a lot from the staff of Shimizu Corporation and the navigator who explained various parts of the facility.

Taking advantage of this learning, NSTC will continue to aim to provide even higher quality training in the future!

Commemorative photo with BLUE WIND

 (Training Division Eguchi)




November 2023
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