Thank you for cooperating with our survey!

How is everyone doing in the year 2024? The lucky winners of New Year’s postcards with a New Year’s prize have been announced, and I use the leftover New Year’s postcards to enter surveys and prize competitions, as I like them. However, I rarely win.

Thank you very much for your cooperation in filling out the post-training survey. All of us at NSTC, whether instructors, training staff, or administrators, read the surveys and immediately discuss ways to improve and respond to them.

Today, I would like to share with you NSTC’s thoughts on some of the comments we received in the survey.

I will quote comments from two trainings that had completed on January 26.

Let’s start with the GWO Basic Safety Training.

Q: Any theme you would like to cover during the module?

To this question, we received the same comments from 4 delegates.

A: “Water entry,” “Even if we don’t have life rafts, it would be nice to have water entry because it seems to be a possibility to encounter the situation,” “Water entry, which is now only on video,” “Water entry ➡I wanted to try entering water directly and see how deep I sink.”

Yes, the water entry was a part of the practical training in the previous revision of the standard, but it was removed from the revised standard and NSTC is now only showing a demonstration of it. The lack of water entry exercise was a surprise to our frequent attendees and refresher course attendees who took the course two years ago. 

The training is provided according to the latest GWO standards. However, we cannot ignore your valuable feedback, and we would like to inform GWO about this feedback.

And here is a passage from the comment on the Diving Techniques Training (DTT), which had its completion on the same day.

“It was good that we were given notes and points for improvement in each training content, even in practical skills.”

The DTT is designed to provide training that can be used by firefighters and police divers when they return to their own units. The reason why we carefully convey the key points is that we hope that the delegates will be able to apply those points to their own organization after they return home. We are pleased that delegates have taken this intention into consideration and have often received comments that they would like to give back to their team mates after they return to own organization

Comments from all of you are encouraging and help us to improve the quality of our training, so please continue to cooperate with our survey.

Here is one thing I would like to announce.

The Kitakyushu City edition of “Chikyu no Arukikata” (Globe-Trotter Travel Guidebook), my favorite series of tour guidebook, will be on sale at bookstores nationwide from February 1.

“Globe-Trotter Travel Guidebook: City of Kitakyushu”

In fact, NSTC is also featured in the book. We are featured in the book, along with “The Best Kangaroo in Japan” and “Only Here in the World: Legendary Flowers! ,” etc. Please purchase a copy and look for it before joining the training, if you would like! It is full of Kitakyushu’s charms!


(Hiroko, Quality Management Section)




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