OPITO approved Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) from 5th to 7th August

We had expected extremely hot summer, but it turned out to be not so bad in Kitakyushu.  We still got more events coming up, like festivals, fireworks, fun at beach before this summer ends.  At Nippon Survival Training Center, OPITO approved 3 day BOSIET course has been held, from August 5th to August7, and delegates from 4 different companies have gathered here for the training and enjoyed it.

Here is a scene from the sea survival training where delegates huddle each other for a group huddle formation.  Although it may appear to be some kind of synchronized swimming act, each action taken has important meaning that may save your life at the time of sea survival.

Huddle each other to make a circle that can help you maintain your body temperature and watch 360° all around at same time.

Adding some movements would help a helicopter find where you are, like expanding a circle and making some splash by kicking.

Chain swimming towards a raft

Let us introduce one of the comments from the delegates as follows.

“Instructors were so friendly, which helped breaking ice among delegates, and soon we were getting along each other.  Safety was prioritized in every part, and therefore it made me feel very safe training here.  I have never been fond of being in water since childhood, and I have been so nervous especially about the helicopter under water escape training.  However, thanks to thoughtfulness of instructors, I completed the training. Thank you so much!”  


From NSTC: Delegates are all belong to same industry, and who knows where and when the friendship you built here may help you.  Coming here for the training can be great opportunity to exchange information with people in same industry, and we hope you enjoy it.




“I liked the fact that the training was taught in Japanese, especially a part concerning safety.  I imagine taking the training oversea would be very hard, even for people who understand English well, considering the practical training contains dangerous part.”

From NSTC: Training involves many special terms, covers a wide range of contents such as first aid and firefighting on board / platform, evacuation by the life boat, sea survival and the helicopter under water escape training, therefore we have gotten so many comments from delegates in the past about the benefit of taking the training in mother language.  We are looking forward to see you again here at NSTC in four years for the refresher course. 





August 2014
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