ADC (Aircrew Ditching Course) held on August 20th.

Countrywide, the weather has been very unstable and causing major disasters in some regions.  At the time of such disaster, air Search and Rescue teams (SAR) are called to assist civilians in need.  On Aug 20th, our  Aircrew Ditching Course (ADC) designed for the helicopter SAR crew, was carried out.  In the morning the delegates began with a lecture in our class room on theories and importance of the practical training.  In the afternoon’s practical training, the delegates went through several advanced level drills due to the course being designed for professional crew members.  The delegates taking this day’s course were very involved, inquisitive, and also formed new, friendships among each other.

Preparing the raft after ditching



Transfer the injured to the raft




Many opinions in the debriefing


The debriefing is held after every roll, and the delegates share each other’s opinion for further improvement on their technique.  We would like the delegates to take what they learned back to their work and capitalize on it.


Let us introduce one of many comments we received from the delegates



“The training was very meaningful.”

“I realized the experience makes a world of difference.”

“I was nervous at the beginning, but after being in water for a while, felt fine and     had a good training with nice sense of tension.”

The training adjusted my attitude.”


From NSTC: We hope you remember your experiences from this training, and capitalize on what was learned.  Now you know, through the training, staying calm is an important factor during emergency situations.


And, we also received request from the delegates for different scenario training.  We appreciate your request and definitely would like to take these ideas into account.  We would like to hear more from you, if there are any further requests.  Thank you very much.




August 2014
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