OPITO approved 3 day BOSIET course has been held, from Sep 2 to Sep 4.


September 1 was National Disaster Preparedness day.  In Kitakyushu, with Earthquake Early Warning, evacuation drill for earth quake and tsunami was carried out.  Importance of preparedness for emergency situation has been reminded.


Looking out over Dokai bay from rooftop of our company building (during the drill)



Sep 2, a day after the drill, to Sep 4, OPITO approved 3 day BOSIET course has been held at NSTC, and delegates from 8 different companies have participated in the course.  They came from various backgrounds, not just researcher or engineer but doctor and cabin attendant etc. The delegates were very involved, inquisitive, and completed the course in great team work.





Let us introduce some of the comments we received


“Lectures were very enjoyable, thanks to humorous staffs, and the great atmosphere.  I was impressed how efficiently the training was carried out by linking practical training to previous lectures.  I’m certain that this training will help me in the future. Thank you very much!!”


The training has been enjoyable to us as well, thanks to inquisitive nature and team work of the delegates.  We believe that the details would be efficiently understood by linking what is taught in the lectures to the practical trainings. We hope you remember what you learned here, and it helps you in your work place. Thank you for taking our course. We are looking forward to see you again in four years for the renewal course, FOET.  ( NSTC )




“In the past, I received the training in English overseas, which made communication with the instructors somewhat difficult and could not sufficiently understand detail of what was discussed in the lectures. On the other hand, the lectures at NSTC have been easy to understand, and step-by-step practical training has been very satisfactory.  Above all, I appreciate the friendliness and support of the staffs.  Thank you very much!!”



Thank you for taking the training at NSTC this time.  Our principle is to help the delegates achieve their goal through gradual process, from sufficient understanding of theory in the lectures to the practical training where you actually demonstrate your physical ability that is of course after watching the demonstration by our staffs.  No matter how good you are in English, the training is best taken in your mother language because communication you have with the instructors and fellow delegates during the training can become your treasure in future.  The delegates seemed to build good relationship among each other.  And we hope you keep your good relationship with other delegates. We also would like to keep our great relationship with you, and hope to see you again in four years. Thank you very much for taking the course with us.  ( NSTC )





September 2014
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