From Sep.24 to Sep.26:  OPITO approved BOSIET course has been held.

It is starting to become more fall like weather lately.  As I walk through the street with line of gingko trees on the side, it is hard not to step on gingko nuts all over on side walk. 3 days starting Sep.24, OPITO approved BOSIET course has been held, and delegates from eight different companies participated. One of the delegates was from overseas, and lectures in English have also been held at same time for him.  This time, three of the delegates had same last name coincidentally, so we used their first name to call them, which was not usual thing to do, however it helped to generate friendly atmosphere in the training.

Here are some scenes from HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training). 

At first, lectured on EBS (Emergency Breathing System) in a class room.


Getting used to breathe through EBS.


Helicopter simulator capsized !  Now you must escape.


Let us introduce some of the comments from our delegates. 


“The training atmosphere has been more relaxed than I had previously thought, and those three days have been enjoyable and meaningful.  I have strongly felt that the training have been very important in order to save my own life and colleagues.”


The training had just right tenseness in relaxed atmosphere, and was very meaningful, thanks to the teamwork of the delegates.  We hope that many people, who may work in such a severe work environment where you must save yourself and your colleagues in case of emergency, take the training. We are glad to hear that you realized the importance of the training.  Thank you very much for training with us. ( from NSTC )



This training is meaningful and useful for my future work.  I like the theory session and hunger for more practices.  The more practices we did, the higher chance of survive we get.”


Thank you for your precious opinion.  About practical training, we are striving to pack much practical training as possible within a time given.  There is a standard for BOSIET course to comply with, and practical training time that we can have is limited.  However you can look into our other courses, for example 5 day STCW course, where you can spend more time in practical training.  We would like you to take what you learned back to your work place, review with your colleagues, not just to maintain but to improve your technique. We will be looking forward to see you again in four years for FOET course. Thank you very much for training with us. (From NSTC)




“As the training began, I quickly realized that it was not easy as I thought. There were so many equipment and procedures than I imagined.  I realized that the helicopter under water escape training could dramatically increase the survival ratio.  It has been a meaningful training.  Thank you very much.”

Spraying actual fire extinguisher, escaping from underwater using emergency breathing system, Launched in an actual life boat, those are kind trainings you cannot experience very often.  If you ever encounter such emergency situation, please remember what you experienced in the training and act accordingly, sure we hope you never have to be in such a situation, though.  See you in four years for FOET!  Thank you for training with us. ( from NSTC )



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