OPITO approved Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) from 7th to 9th October.

We have been hit by typhoon two weeks in a row on weekends, however OPITO approved BOSIET course have been held safely in between those typhoons.  Sixteen delegates from ten different companies safely completed their training without being influenced by typhoon.  The training has been carried out smoothly despite having the course limit participant number of sixteen people.

Listing to the instructor seriously


Evacuation from the helicopter to the life raft

CPR training can also help in usual life 





Training had been completed and we received delegates’ comments as follows.




“I have completed the training even though I have had a fear of water and had been nervous, thanks to easy-to-understand instruction and appropriate care by the instructor. If I ever encounter an actual accident, I would like to remember the training and act accordingly without being panic.”

There have been many delegates with fear of water however all of them have completed the training without problem.  Yes, please act accordingly without being panic in a case of actual accident.  Of course, in the first place, an accident must be prevented, and we would like to see you again in four years for FOET.  Thank you very much for training with us. ( from NSTC )



“I was little nervous at first, but I was able to complete the training well in safe manner.  The training has been very realistic.”

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training…sound of it would usually make most of people nervous.  However, as the delegates clear different steps one by one with adequate instruction, eventually reach the goal.  Surely everyone went home with the certificate although they were nervous at first.  We will continue to deliver the training with the safety as number one priority, in order for you to focus on your training.  Thank you very much for training with us. ( from NSTC )




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