SPC course have been held. OCT. 16th,17th

On Oct.16 and 17, NSTC have held the special training course as a part of On Board Training Course for Fisheries Crewmen provided by Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation of Japan.  We had nine trainees from overseas, and delivered sea survival and first Aid in lectures and practical trainings for them. These trainees have been boarding together for quite a while and known each other well enough to have good team work during two day training. Their training continues after two day training at NSTC, and we sincerely hope they complete all trainings safe and sound, enjoy work safely wherever their work will be.

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Let us introduce some of many comments we received.


I really enjoy this training course, it helps me a lot more about ‘How to really survive in or on the actually ship’.  I am also great thankful for them instructors and all the people working on helping us achieving our main Goal.”

All of you have been very enthusiastic, and the training have completed in full.  We sincerely hope you work safely as seaman without encountering any emergency. Thank you for training with us. (from NSTC)



It helps me how to learn how to be work in team.  It’s nice to learn more about surviving, but it’s only short time to learn more.  I am proud to be in the training survival, so I thank for the lesson.”

All of you completed the training in great teamwork despite coming from different countries. We wished there was more time to share with you.  We are looking forward to have next group of trainees here at NSTC.  Thank you so much. (from NSTC)


No comments, I just wish this training session will be longer than just two days.  I enjoyed very much and had learned a lot from this training.  DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!”

DOITASHIMASHITE ! !  We can see you are learning Japanese more and more.  You must have been busy discovering new things every day.  It was only two days, but we also enjoyed how training went very much.  We wish you well and safe working as seaman. (from NSTC)




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