ADC (Aircrew Ditching Course) /ADE (Aircrew Ditching Course including EBS) has been held on Nov. 20th.

We have the national fire prevention week in November here in Japan, and our company, Nissui Marine Kogyo Co., LTD held fire drill mega.  All of us reviewed how to use a fire extinguisher and AED.  It is important to be ready for any emergency encounter.

There is an old Japanese proverb that goes “well prepared means no worries” +1.

NSTC provides the course for helicopter crews, which is to train helicopter crews to deal with emergency such as ditching.  The course is called Aircrew Ditching Course or simply ADC.  Air rescue crews were here to take this course on Nov. 20th.  They are the ones who rescue us when disaster strikes.  They cleared all training menu which difficulty level has been set high for the crew.


Boarding the raft

Five meters deep pool

Looking for the raft inside the cabin

Pulled the raft out of the capsized helicopter simulator

Let us introduce some of the comments from participants

“I became more confident about handling the situation calmly at the time of emergency. At beginning I had bad movement because I didn’t know what to do, but I did fine after trying for a few times.  I have also experienced difficulty of CRM, and it has been great opportunity and experience over all.”

It is one of the important aims of the training to experience what is difficult at the time of emergency, then to realize what would be a countermeasure for it.  We are happy to hear that you built confidence over emergency situation. (from NSTC)


“The training to prepare for the dangerous situation was practiced in safe environment, however unfortunately safety management for training back in our rescue facility is not up to this level.  It is necessary training for any helicopter crew.  I was able to realize how dangerous it is to ditch.”

We make sure of safety because the training can be potentially dangerous.  We strive to improve safety, and any opinion concerning safety is welcome. We are glad to hear that you realized necessity of the training. We will continue to provide trainings in safest manner possible under our safety management.  Thank you for training with us. (from NSTC)



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