OPITO approved BOSIET course has been held. Nov. 26th ~Nov. 28th



It is getting colder latelysnowflake, and end of the year is near.  Only two more BOSIET course left scheduled rest of the year.  We had nine delegates from six companies this time and all of them have safely completed the course.

We would like to introduce some of scenes from Helicopter Underwater Escape Traininghelicopter.

Participants on the life raft watching the next group training

The training menu where it assumes the helicopter stably ditched on water surface, participants board the life raft following proper procedure.  In the photo above, you can see participants on the life raft watching the next group training.  However it is not over after successful escape, you must survive until you are rescued.  In BOSIET course, you also learn survival techniques while drifting in the life raft.


Escape from capsized helicopter simulator

And in the training menu where it assumes the helicopter is capsized under water, people tend to feel some tension when they must escape from capsized helicopter simulator, however staying calm is the keyneutral_face.  You are going to train to deal with many different emergency situations so that you can handle the situation calmly when you  must face real emergency.

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training is one of the trainings we provide, we will continue to introduce scenes from the trainings here.


Here are some comments from participants.

“Overall instructors were highly competent, and they have taught me thoroughly. Also taking the training in Japanese has been very meaningful for me.”

At NSTC we strive to improve quality of trainings we provide. For Japanese who is not proficient in English, taking the training in Japanese is preferable concerning safety. We are glad that you seem to be satisfied with the training. Thank you for training with us. (from NSTC)

“I liked the way the instructor instructed and the facility was clean. I realized how difficult it is to respond to emergency, and I felt that it was a must to train for it.”

At NSTC, instructors try their best to teach you in the best way possible so that you have good understanding, however please do not hesitate to ask if you have any question or if you do not understand well.
We keep our facility clean and with good hygiene for you to use, so you can expect our facility to be clean all the time. Please remember what you have learned here. And one in million chances if you would ever face emergency, you know what to do. (from NSTC)



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