OPITO approved BOSIET course has been held, Mar. 17th~19th .

I, the receptionist, would like to report the latest on training today.

We have been taking turns on writing update on our home page.
We got some interesting characters here at NSTC, and we are writing materials from different point of view, so please come on visit our web site.

Twelve people form four companies have participated in three day BOSIET course, started on Mar.17.

I meet training participants when they sign in and out for the training, and when they are taking a coffee break.

They looked nervous and were not talking much on the first day of the training neutral_face, and then, at every coffee break, started to look more and more eased relaxed.  By second day morning they were enjoying conversations smile. Two of them took this course in english because they did not speak japanese, however they were enjoying communication with others using some body language during break time. On third day morning they sounded like enjoying Kitakyushu very much, having fun talking about what’s good to eat in Kitakyushu ramen.

I hope they have had fun in evenings after the tense training in day time.

I was so pleased to hear when they said “I am definitely coming back NSTC in four years for renewal course.”


Here are some scenes from a lounge room.


We have our original design T-shirts and USB flash memories for sale.
The USB flash memories have shape of lifeboat and are very popular.
This group of participants has purchased five T-shirts and seven USB flash memories. Thank you very much.



We have received many thanks from participants. We would like to introduce some of them.


“I felt “need more explanation” during lecture, however there were thorough explanation during practical training which made me feel secured.  I appreciated that the instructor made sure by saying “Did it answer your question” after answered our question.”

“Lectures by all instructors were easy-to-understand and I also enjoyed their humor. I was nervous before underwater escape training. However to-the-point quick instruction gave me no time to be nervous, and that was good idea which I could use when myself have to lecture. Thank you very much.”


“I felt strongly that survival training, helicopter escape training were essential, otherwise I would not known what to do at the time of emergency. It’ been very good experience for me. I have enjoyed lectures without falling asleep because of the instructors’ skillful speaking. Thank you very much.”



We have been encouraged by your comments.

Thank you for taking our training course.
Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.
We are looking forward to seeing you in four years for renewal course.



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