OPITO approved BOSIET course has been held, Mar. (25th~27th)

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Being that it is my turn to comment on the training that is being carried out, here at NSTC.  I thought that I would take to discuss some of the more “not so fun” parts of BOSIET course.

The BOSIET’s Safety Induction is a basic overview of the safety systems, regulations and routines that are found offshore. For many in the BOSIET course, it is very fresh information and at times confusing, being that is varies from company to company and regions where the offshore installations are found. I do really enjoy when veteran crew are able to attend our courses so that they can also share their vast knowledge, domestically and internationally. We do learn as much from our delegates as they learn from us when this happens.

That being said, everyone might not like the idea of sitting down for 3 hours to hear about safetydisappointed_relieved, regulations and so on, but I would like to share with you a current news article that shows us why our Safety Induction training is so important, both here and at your facility:

Four Killed, Several Injured in Pemex Platform Fire in Gulf of Mexico April 1st 2015……lf-mexico/

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At this time, 302 workers have been evacuated along with the 4 deceased and 16 injured. All this is due to an explosion and fire. We still do not know  all of the details that led to this, but we must understand why our concern for safety and following regulations plays a significant role in helping to prevent situations like this from happening in the first place. There is still further risks to the Emergency Teams that are fighting this fire.

Working offshore can be one of the safest places to be employed, if we all do our duties to ensure that all of our time offshore is done in the safest possible level.

I would like to also share a couple of our last trainings comments with you:

“The lecture was very comprehensive to understand and developed my confidence.  Thank you very much.  I would love to recommend this training to the crew engaging operation on board.”

Kind words about our training and recommending it to others is the best praise we could ever receive. I really do enjoy reading all the comments that are submitted to us through our questionnaires.

“I would like to utilize what I learned here for the benefit of safety in my workplace, as the contents were applicable in the safety measure in our daily routine.”

It is great to see that our delegates are also interested in safety and how it applies to the workplace and our everyday lives. Together, I feel NSTC and all of our delegates can work together in building better and safer job sites, in any part of the world that we may be working.

Thank you for attending our training and I hope to see you again in the future.thumbsup

Robert Wickstrom

Assistant Manager

Training and Operations









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