STCW Course has been held, March 30 to April 3 

Weather has been nice and warm here in Kiakyushu.  I have been using a pair of long underpants during winter time, but it seems that it’s time to say “bye bye” to them.  I am going to miss them until we meet again next winter.persevere

I would like to introduce one scene from Firefighting Training of STCW course.  The equipment been carried on delegate’s shoulder is self-contained breathing apparatus.  This item is widely used when the firefighter has to work in the space where very low in oxygen level.  Delegates looked great when they were challenging the training with earnest eyes.  I can create photo collection using their photos.heart_eyes

Let me share the photos with you.

Search and Rescue training.

Entering the cabin after confirming the safety.

Search if there is any fire or survivor.

Let me introduce some of the comments by delegates.

“Both the lectures and practical trainings to respond emergencies and fires really made me think if I could deal with the accident calmly or not.  I also realized that the daily inspection is a key to have quick response in real situation.  Thank you very mcuh.”

“I could learn so many things that had been unware of.  I am now proud of using what I have learned here to operate my duty.  I would like to recommend this rewarding trainig to all the crew on board.  Thank you very much.”

I am very happy to hear that we could help to raise all of your safety awareness.

Nobody can tell when we encounter an emergency situation.  We recommend you to recall acquired techniques regularlly so that you’ll always be ready to use them.relaxed

I am looking forward to seeing you in other courses soon! (NSTC)wave



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