OPITO approved BOSIET course has been held. April 1st ~ 3rd.

It is getting warm here in Kitakyushu lately. Blooming cherry blossom are adding some color to the city.cherry_blossom The training has been held in such a nice weather. And I thought it would have gone in relaxed atmosphere, but I had been so  Delegates were so enthusiastic in practical training as all ways that I could feel in the air. They made me wonder if they were actually instructors themselves. What I meant was that they were very good.  As you can see in photo below, their powerful spirit could blow away the fire without fire extinguisher.laughing

Firefighting training with Co2 fire extinguisher

Firefighting training with dry powder fire extinguisher


Delegates have put out the fire quickly.
But don’t be too sure for yourself.  Remember that fire could take away everything. It should be reminded that it is best to “Prevent fire” before it start.disappointed_relievedI would like to introduce one of the comments we received from the delegates.

“It has been great for me to learn how to response inside liferaft that had not explained in the ship, and also how to escape in poor visibility conditions. Since I had no knowledge of them before, the training has given me the confidence.”




Is our pleasure to help you in any way we can.  We hope you remind yourself of the training time to time in order to be ready for emergency.relaxed


However it is said that human beings have tendency to forget things. We recommend FOET course. It is 1 day course and great way to check what you remember. We are looking forward to seeing you here at NSTC in 4 years for the FOET course. Thank you very much.wave




April 2015
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