BOSIET course has been held, June 23 to June 25

Temperature and humidity is rising toward hot summer season.  NSTC staff have been mindful of health hazards during the training and taking good measures against those hazards.  One of the measures of injury hazard is warm-up exercise which we always perform before the practical training.  A warm-up exercise serves two major purposes; to enhance performance and prevent injury. Consequently, a warm-up is both physical and mental.muscle

OPITO approved BOSIET course has been held from June 23 to 25.  The training includes practical training such as Fire Fighting and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training, therefore, we set a time to warm-up exercise before the practical.  The tips to have better stretching is not to bounce when stretching. Overstretching causes muscle to contract and can cause small tears in fibers.+1  The delegates carefully demonstrated nice and neat warm-up before the training.

Here are some of the comments from delegates.

“I have taken HUET & Sea Survival course in Middle East before.  Compare to thetraining there, the contents of NSTC’s training was so much richer and courteous.  The trainor were all friendly.”

From NSTC: OPITO approved training centers worldwide apply the same training standard but the quality level may differ.  We always try our best to pursuit the best quality in the world.  Comments by delegates are great resources for us to improve our training.  Thank you very much for joining us.blush

“Trainors were very kind and polite, so I could complete the training with a good feeling.  I have been inspired to keep awareness of safety to prepare for the emergency.  Thank you very much.”

From NSTC: Keeping awareness for the safety is the best measure to prevent the accident.  We are very happy to hear that you could bring the importance of the awareness back to your workplace.  Thanks for joining us and we are looking forward to seeing you in 4 years in FOET course.relaxed



June 2015
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