ADC (Aircrew Ditching Course) has been held, June 26

It’s been perfect days for swimming in the poolswimmerThere has been ditching training for aircrew held in NSTC’s pool on June 26.  Aviation brigades and pilots from all over Japan has gathered here in Kitakyushu for the training.helicopter

Let me introduce one of the comments written by the delegates.

“The lecture by the instructor with expertise was very clear and meaningful for me.  I would like to study about sea survival more during the training.  The practical training was also fruitful, as the training made us think about the procedure by ourselves.  The safety regime during the training was outstanding and the training was very reliable.” 

I would like to present some photos with my comments reponding the comment above.

We also received the comment which says that the contens of the lecture was also good for the induction training.  As ADC course is one-day course, it is difficult for us to deliver much more contes regarding the sea survival.  But we’ll try our best to improve the training.  Thank you very much for your opinion.open_mouth

The training will be based on real position and role of your workplace (such as rescuer and pilot, etc.), sometimes the delegates needed to derive the emergency plan according to the scenario the instructor had given.

There are always diver outside the simulator and instructors inside the simulator, moreover, assistant staff were stand-by on the pool deck to perform solid safety.  Thank you very much for joining us and we are looking forward to seeing you and your colleagues for the next training.relaxed



June 2015
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