BOSIET course has been held, July 1 to July 3

From 1st to 3th July we held an OPITO approved BOSIET course which is a must for any offshore worker. When we are talking about undesired happenings the most productive attitude is to ask not ifit will happen but when it will happen.

Five additional benefits of the BOSIET described below:

#1 Become confident in waterocean

You’ll jump on water, feel the trill of holding your breath in an underwater capsizing helicopter, and most of all, gain the moral of a survivor.

#2 Learn and review First Aid skillsambulance

First aid is not just for the workplace but also for the loved ones from home.

#3 Get acquainted with a real firefire

Fires are sometimes scary. Next time you will meet a fire in your real life you will be prepared.

#4 Afraid of dark? Not anymore!flashlight

You will discover and practice escaping from a dark room. A power loss home or anywhere? Piece of cake, you can orientate now in a place in which others will simply panic.

#5 More relaxed in a helicopterhelicopter

Helicopters are safe and fast to travel offshore. Now that you’ll understand their characteristics you will enjoy the flight better.


Our BOSIET course went pretty well this time as always due to the dedication of our team. Some of the student’s remarks:

“It is valuable to have knowledge of the basic action and the experience based on the knowledge responding to an emergency situation. It increases the survival rate (chance) very much. The language used during the training was Japanese, and it helped me understand very much, thank you”.

Our Helicopter Underwater Escape simulator is ready to offer a realistic image on an offshore helicopter emergency.helicopter

The total enclosed lifeboat is one of the safest ways to evacuate in case of emergency.running



July 2015
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