ADC (Aircrew Ditching Course) has been held, July 24

It was another hot day in Kitakyushusun_with_facebut we pushed on with our ADC training!

What made today’s training so wonderful is the everyone welcomed communication and teamwork with others, even when paired or volunteering to ride with other teams.

Many times, it is up to the single person to know how to escape from dire situations on their own, but for the crew of military, fire, police, and/or medical transport helicopters, teamwork is a very important link in the chain of survival. Having sick or injured persons onboard a distressed helicopter may lead to much confusion in an emergency that may put all persons at a greater risk.

One of the best parts of our training is that through discussion, teamwork, and practice, we are able to address many of the concerns that may arise.

As always, this ADC’s participants were able to find their weaknesses and come together to overcome them. I felt that everyone, even those not secure around water, was able to gain great experience from this course.

Helicopter crew boarding liferaft after a stable water ditching (Dry-shod)

“I was able to become aware of the preparation needed during an emergency as we needed to think, throughout the training, “What we can do within 15 sec after an emergency occurs”. When I return to my workplace, I would like to feedback what I have learned here.”

Thank you very much for your diligent coaching. 



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