SPC (Pilots Training Course) has been held, July 30 – July 31

SPC (Pilot Training Course) has been held from July 30 to 31.

This training is special course for Pilots.

37 delegates are students of Marine Technical College, who will play an important role as Pilots. Nonetheless they are students, many of them are professional crew and some of them have experienced as a captain of a ship.ship

*Pilot is an expert mariner who maneuvers ship as an advisor of the captain to control the safety of harbors and the vessel. Pilot will be on board the large vessel to conduct the ship into and out of a port or in specified waters in Japan. Pilots are expert ship handlers who possess detailed knowledge of local waterways. (Info extracted from JAPAN FEDERATION OF PILOTS’ ASSOCIATIONS website)anchor

The Pilots Training Course consists of First Aid and Sea Survival.ambulance

I would like to introduce the practice using the Pilot Ladder, which is featured practice in the Pilots Training Course.

Here are the photos of practical training.

 Go up and down Pilot Ladder with inflatable Lifejacket

Experiencing the shock and floatation of pilot’s coat in case of MOB from the Ladder


Here are some of the comments from delegates.

“There is a limitation in understanding the survival skills even though the one has repetitive training on board.  I feel that the training like this should be mandatory by law as the practical training in this training have had profound effect.”


From NSTC: We would like to keep raising our quality to deliver the training which cannot be covered by onboard training.  Thank you very much for your comment.sparkles


“I could gain a confident in responding to the emergency situation, as I could repeatedly practice CPR and the usage of AED.  It was a great chance for me to be able to use the Pilot Ladder during the training, as it was my first time moving up and down the Pilot Ladder.”


From NSTC: The training is for “just in case”, but repeated training in regular basis would develop the smooth, calm and professional response to the emergency.  The Pilot Ladder usage for the training is very basic training, but you will experience going up and down the ladder in many different situation in practical operation. Please keep fundamentals in mind to have safe and bright career as Pilot!blush



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