BOSIET course (August 4 to 6) and HUET course (August 5) has been held

OPITO approved BOSIET course has been held from August 4 to August 6 and OPITO approved HUET course has been held on August 5.   Many of the delegates who are joining OPITO approved course are going to work in offshore platforms abroad.  Some of the delegates who joined our training this week will be sent overseas right after our training.

English conversation is an important tool for the operation for those who are working worldwide.  We also have a lot of chance to use English for our daily tasks in NSTC, but it is difficult for us to maintain the English skills if we don’t have enough chance to use English because of long vacation.airplane

There are native English speakers in NSTC, so please feel free to talk to them during the break time so that you can brush up your English conversation as well as the survival skills.

NSTC also deliver the trainings in English, so we are looking forward to receive an application by delegates from abroad.information_desk_person



I would like to introduce some of the comments from the delegates.

“Although the duration of the training was not so long, the contents of the training was very rich in content.  Please have continuous operation as an international offshore training center, which is exclusive in Japan.”

From NSTC: Thank you very much for your encouragement.  We will do our best to continue delivering international approved training.  Thank you very much for joining our training.


”It makes big difference between with or without the knowledge what I have learned here if encounter an emergency. The safety during the training was so deeply concerned.”  

From NSTC: With our without knowledge and if one can be calm enough to utilize the knowledge is a key to survive.  NSTC makes strong effort to have constant safety measures, and especially we have great precaution to heat attack during summertime.  We also received a comment, “I could complete the training without fear suffering heat attack, as there were many water station at each training site to have adequate dehydration during the training.”


Please enjoy fulfilling summer vacation with careful attention to heat attack and water accidents! sunny





August 2015
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