GWO BSTR and Diving Technique Training Course has been held, October 3 to 7

Getting relief from the heat of summer, I hope this article finds you safe and well.ear_of_rice

Thankfully, we have had two courses this week.

Thank you very much for those who joined the trainings.

Many of the delegates had so high motivation that the instructor nearly exceed his lecture time because of a hailstorm of questions!  We had appreciation for their diligence for the training.sweat_smile

I would like to introduce you some photos of those “high motivation”.fire

Photo above is from GWO BSTR Working at Height training.  It’s a refresher course for GWO Basic Safety Training that is approved from Global Wind Organization.  The scenario for the above training scene is “Buddy has been fainted on the ladder! Lower him on the ground and manage the safety.”  As you see, the delegates aim to obtain the rescue technique in a very serious manner.sparkles

We also had Diving Techniques Training.

The photo above was taken the last day (fifth day) of the training right after the conclusion of the practical training.  The had been shared joys and sorrows with each other for five days, and finally they gained very strong bond as well as the certificate.blush

NSTC is a training center where you can learn not only the techniques but also the strong bond with your classmates.

Here are some comments written by the delegates.

Comment for GWO BSTR

“Ito would be nice if you can create 1-2 days program not only for the refreshers but also for the office working personnel.  The training is also very meaningful for those who do not climb up the Wind Turbine.  If there are any recommended items or equipment that are better installed in Wind Turbine, we would like to hear about it.”


Comment for DDT

“I could feel that the techniques and breath-holding skills had been improved day by day.  The safety during the training was thoroughly carried out and the training environment was perfect to practice.”

Thank you very much for your valuable feedbacks.  We would like to do our best to meet your expectations. smile (from NSTC)



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