Internal training for Staff and OPITO approved BOSIET course have been held, from October 11 to 14

Having nice and comfortable sunny days of autumn sunny , internal trainings for NSTC training staff were conducted.

Wakato-bridge viewed from support boat

We deliver variety of trainings here in NSTC, therefore, staff also train themselves so that they can offer safe and fruitful training muscle . I would like to introduce you one of the internal trainings we have done these days.

As we have Diving Technique Training Marine Practical course end of this month, we have conducted internal training to improve staff’s skills and to have final rehearsal for the training ocean .

The visibility in water was not clear, and many elements affected in real environment, so the challenging level of the training was more difficult comparing to the training in the pool. That is why we train ourselves very hard so that we can manage safety control more than usual.

The staff were allocated in three sections, onshore support, support divers and support boat. We try our best to deliver the training as smooth as possible as well as careful safety control.

Of course, the staff in our office also knew what was going on all the time by walkie-talkie so that they could be ready for any emergency situation happened.

The training are concentration of all of our staff’s energies! smile


We also had our most famous and regular course, BOSIET course this week. Here is a one of the comments by the delegates.

“The explanations were very comprehensive and accurate, I could join the training without any fear even though I had been nervous before I came the center. Thank you very much for lovely training. I would like to utilize what I have learned these three days if any emergency happens.”

From NSTC: I assume that there were a lots of fear as what you have done during the training is what you’re not used to. It was only three days, but the fears prior the training have turned into confidence on the third day of the training when you obtained the certificate.
It is better not to encounter any emergency situation, but if any happened, please remind what you have done during the training and react in a calm manner.



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