Proactive rather than reactive, Emergency Operation Procedure Training

Golden Week Holiday, about a week holiday in Japan, has been just gone and June is approaching.


Have you ever browsed the training schedule calendar on our web-site?

The schedule on the calendar seems very busy, but it seems a bit relaxed right after the holiday. sweat_smile

【Training schedulecalendar on our web-site, May Schedule】


It seems relaxed with less training schedule, but in reality, NSTC staff tried to build up our skill by in-house training.

For example, we had Emergency Operation Procedure (EOP) training on 8th, on the day we did not have training.

We are always safety conscious during any kind of training we offer, but this EOP training is an in-house training that we train ourselves to deal with any kind of emergency situation that might happen during the training.  It’s just as drill onboard your ship.  The training we offer to the delegates itself is an emergency response training, but we, NSTC staff also train ourselves to react for emergency situation during emergency response training.


【Quickly bring the fainted delegate up on the deck form water during EOP training】


 We simulate many kinds of situation and hazards during the EOP training so that we’ll be able to raise our safety awareness more and more.

As I repeat during First Aid lecture, it is very important to have clear understanding of the location and usage of First Aid Bag (Kit) and stretchers so that we will be able to conduct smooth reaction when emergency happens.

It is also important to keep improving the safety awareness in order to prevent emergency situation.

 It is one of the option to join NSTC’s training in order to be proactive to raise the safety awareness to avoid the emergency happened.


Some of the people seems to fall sick as season is changing.  Please take care of yourself with adequate safeguard and prep for the hot and humid summer. persevere

Be sure to be proactive and prepare for hydration and salt supplementation as a measure of heatstroke. sweat_drops


(Ayaka, Training Support Section)




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