Site Tour during the Summer Vacation

After the Bon holiday break, end of summer is now approaching.  Kitakyushu suffered extreme heat this summer, but thankfully now it’s getting cooler in the morning and the evening.relaxed

I hung up the Chinese lantern plant as we always do during this Bon holiday.

In Kitakyushu, Chinese lantern plants are hung up in order to light the step or to be a landmark or guideline for the ancestral spirit coming back to home during this period.  It is said that the spirit can stay inside the hollow space such as the Chinese lantern plant when they come back home for Bon holiday.

Is this also the case in other area in Japan?open_mouth

By the way, in this August, families including their kids of Kitakyushu-NISSUI personnel have toured NSTC as for one of the fun event for summer vacation.

Changing their shoes to the slippers, the NSTC instructor eagerly explained safety induction to the visitors.

 NSTC always make safety the first priority!!

As they had been told during safety induction before the touring, visitors used and held handrails firmly to go up onto the training pool deck.

It was humid and hot on the pool deck, but the instructor was very enthusiastic to answer the question been raised by kids.
Those kids might be one of our future delegates or more over, one of our staff in near future!sparkles

 NSTC enthusiasticallyproviding trainings and tours this summer, as usual!

                               (Yukiko, Administration Section)




August 2017
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