There’s only one more training left of this year’s Yokosuka DTT

TheDiving Techniques Training in Yokosuka venue commenced in end of May will be completed, and only one more training left in this week.  After the completion of DTT in Yokosuka venue, DTT training will be continued in Kitakyushu venue.(Please check training schedule on our web-site.)
As I am in charge of DTT, I would like to introduce some of the scenes from DTT training. camera

Gear Recovery                Jamming Training

Blind Diving Techniques(w/obstruction)           Blind Diving Techniques(w/obstruction)



These photos are from fifth day of the training (the last day).
When it comes to the last day of the training, diving skills of delegates were greatly improved and they were capable to react emergencies that may happen in water.



The certificate is awarded by advisor instructor, Mr. Takeuchi,with words of appreciation. 「“Some of the delegates were frightened in the beginning of the training, but all of you could build up your skill over the course of the five days. Please continue what you have learnt here after going back to your own organizations. I wish you maximize the outcome for rookie training and operations at site. It is quite valuable to maintain friendship and horizontal ties cultivated during five days.” blush


DTT in Yokosuka venue will be completed this week, but schedule for DTT including Marine Practical Training are to be continued in Kitakyushu venue. We look forward to your entries, being focusing our mind to safety. smile


(Makoto, Training Operations Section)




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