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Hi, it’s Hiroko in Quality Management Section.

BOSIET course is mainly joined by people who are working for Oil & Gas industry. People working in variety areas, such as Oil developer, manufacturers visiting offshore oil platforms, scientist, technician, those who work on research ship (seafarers and researchers), etc., are joining our training.

I had a chance to participate International Research Ship Operators Meeting held for a week in mid-October at Yokosuka. Variety of topics were discussed during the meeting including their activities, issues and future plans by research ship operator and affiliates from all over the The meeting is annually hosted by each member countries taking in turn, and Japan was the host country of this year.

We participated the meeting for the first time in order to study the current situation/ needs/ issues that NSTC’s clients facing.pencil2 Delegates from 21 countries including Great Britain, USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China, Norway, South Africa, Iceland, Finland, etc., gathered together to discuss over the future of research ship operations. I believe that the spirit of “OMOTENASHI” by host organization introduced Japanese culture to the participants from overseas. I also learned a lot from conversations with the delegates and got a lot of knowledge on culture in different countries.mortar_board

I also had a great chance to study just like I had been grad school student many years ago, as the official language was English, and I studied very hard taking notes of the lectures and discussions. (Of course, using translation dictionary often blue_book) I am now racking my brain to apply what I have learned during the meeting (including the trend and issues among research ship operations) to NSTC’s training. We are learning needs of clients and seeking information in order to raise the quality of the training. We also ask the delegates joining our training to submit the questionnaire after the training in order to improve our operation. We look forward to whatever is on your mind so that we can learn.

Japanese Icebreaker “SHIRASE” was alongside the pier

(Hiroko, Quality management Section)



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