Safety culture

Does your “Safety culture” stay at the work site after you clock out from your shift?

One thing that most all of us are guilty of is neglecting safety in our private life. As soon as we leave the office, everything that keeps us safe is a an afterthought, until we clock back into work.disappointed_relieved

With the heavy rains that have come to the Fukuoka region, back in July and also this week, it is a reminder that we must prepare ourselves and keep safety in mind at all times.

We train how to use fire extinguishers and fire blankets for our job;warning

 Do you have extinguishers or fire blankets at your home or in your car?
 Can your family operate them if you are not home?
 Have you removed fire hazards from your residence, such as over-loaded electrical outlets?

We train how to use CPR and first aid for our job.

 Do you have a first aid kit that is not expired at home or in your car?
 Can your family provide basic first aid for cuts, scrapes, and breaks?
 Does your family know how to do the Heimlich maneuver for choking victims?

Then there is sea survival, working at height, working in confined spaces, etc. that we must have for our work.
Why don’t we all try to take these skills home with us for our families and friends.cold_sweat

Many accidents we experience are going to be at home or whilst traveling, outside the office. It only makes sense to use and share what we know.
Sharing your Safety Culture has more benefits than just staying incident free or how to react if there is an accident.

 It gives you bonding time with family.
 If you have children, it gives you piece of mind that they can react to emergencies.
 It can save loved ones and people around you.

Don’t think of training as another certificate for your job security, it is for your quality of life and should be shared.blush

(Robert, Training Section)



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