Workshop -Special Study Session on Diving

Hi!  I’m Yohei from the NSTC Training Section.

We provide a wide range of training programs for seafarers, personnel working for offshore oil & gas facilities and offshore wind power generation facilities, etc.  We also provide Diving Techniques Training as well as above training.

In this connection, we accepted a request from Kaneko Sangyo Co., Ltd., a tuna farmer among Nissui Group, for a study session on diving.  We went to Iki, where Kaneko Sangyo has its office, to deliver on site study session upon their request.

The photo above is a shot of catching the tuna being farmed by Kaneko Sangyo.

I was actually allowed to dive into the fish tank, and it was very impressive to see the big tuna swimming so dynamically in front of my eyes!

Tuna farming is a physically demanding job, and I strongly felt that it is thanks to Kaneko Sangyo and other tuna farmers that we are able to eat delicious fish on a stable basis.

The primary industry, including the fishing industry, is very important.

At the site, in addition to catching tuna as shown in previous photo, there are situations where diving work is performed, such as checking fish tanks, capturing dead fish, and putting weights for fish tanks.

In this study session at Iki, we had lectures and practical training on the use and precautions of diving computers equipped for diving work, and on measures against drowning and decompression sickness in the event of an emergency at the site.

↑Practical training of the study session

The workshop was very meaningful, with active participation by the divers and was good experience for us as well. 

We hope that you will be interested in what NSTC is doing outside of Kitakyushu as well.

We would like to continue such activities outside Kitakyushu more in the future.

Training Section, Yohei




April 2022
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