Our very first online training completed!

It’s started the second half of the year 2022.
Hi, I’m Ayaka working for Administration Section.

The other day, one of the delegates talked on the phone call said “I see, you make a good point. Aren’t you a first aid instructor? I was in your class!!”
That was very nice comment. Yes, I am! I interpreted that as meaning that I was able to provide impressive First Aid training that would be remembered by him. I am very proud to be an instructor, receiving the comment!

Since last year, NSTC has been offering training (1-day course) based on the “Guidelines for Education and Training of Workers for Construction of Offshore Wind Power Generation Facilities, etc.” announced by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in June 2021.
We have received several inquiries, and now we are pleased to announce that we are now officially offering the course online from June.

NSTC instructors have only had experience in face-to-face training, so it was a challenge for us to offer online training. The training was successfully completed, and we are relieved that we are now able to offer online training officially.

Thorough this experience, we are also reminded of the power of teamwork and how much we appreciate it when starting something new. We will continue to leverage our individual strengths to provide even better training and improve the quality of our services!

We look forward to seeing you at our training sessions.blush

Training for Workers in Construction of Offshore Wind Power Generation Facilities”
(1-day course)

◆ Course Fee
    〇 Onsite training
        ¥33,000 /person +  actual expenses *Accepted from 20 or more participants
         This training is an onsite training by dispatching NSTC instructor to the site.

    〇 On-line training
        ¥22,000/person *Accepted from 20 or more participants

◆ Inquiries regarding desired dates and times will be accepted by e-mail.

For more details on the guidelines, please refore to the following URL(Japanese only):

(Ayaka, Administration Section)



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